Established in 1670.

Led by Queen Helia from the capitol city.

Recently, archaeologists of Flirn have unearthed a piece from an ancient set of armor owned by one of the most notorious men in the country’s history.

A thousand years ago, a member of the ruling family managed to amass a great deal of land through conquest and perhaps a little bit of magic. He commanded great armies who were steadfastly loyal to him and his cause for no reason beyond that he commanded it. It is told that after hearing him speak, even the most strident dissenters would be swayed to his cause. Generals of old felt the threat he passed was so severe that the only way to stop him from taking over the entire ancient Ixiline Empire was to remove him from power and carve up the lands he managed to acquire. To each of the new lands was given a piece of the set of armor he wore during his reign.


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